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We are specialised in wholesale manufacturers of Graduation/ Convocation Gowns. The gowns we offer have an elegant appearance and are traditionally styled. We provide kindergarten/preschool gowns, adult graduation gown, chief guest gown, convocation hat and convocation tassel.

The robes and gowns are made using high quality 100% matte finished fabric. It has a strong centre pleat and a sturdy zipper construction. They are available in various sizes and styles.

We are pioneer among the convocation gowns manufacturers in Kenya. We manufacture and sell convocation robes to various universities like arts and science, engineering, medical, paramedical and affiliated colleges throughout Kenya.

We supply special gowns with gold jari borders for chief guest, chancellor, vice chancellor, deans, directors and principals.


With over 10 years in business you can trust us to make your graduation perfect.


We adhere to the highest standards of manufacturing and your products will show that.


Adding value each step of the way is a pillar which our brand has been build on.

Convetional Graduation Gowns in KenyaFrom preschool to university commencements, we manufacture & distribute graduation regalia to schools and institutions worldwide. We pride ourselves on maintaining our strong family values, personal customer service practices and extraordinary products. We understand that graduation is an extremely time sensitive and memorable event and with that understanding we guarantee to never miss a date.

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