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Make An Appreciative Statement. A Full Zip Fleece Jacket is the perfect gift to give to staff. In the cold season, your can still maitain your corporate look at your work station. With fleece sweater you are able to protect your staff form the cold at the same time market your company. With features such as windproof, full zipper, long sleeve, stand up collar, anti-wrinkle, 300 gram weight, men & woman size option available and useful for keep warm in cool weather, they will know that you value and appreciate their input and will increase the chance of repeat business. Eyes On Quality And YouGetting your logo in front clients and prospects that is presented in a professional manner is important and that is where the Full Zip Fleece Jacket excels. Made of fleece, you are assured that your logo is received in a favorable fashion 

Versatility In Action

The Full Zip Fleece Jacket will do more than simply promote your company. Being made of fleece, it will generate a positive memory of your company and will aid in directing potential customers towards your business.

A Lasting Memory

Representing your company above your competitors is crucial. The Full Zip Fleece Jacket is one of the best promotional items to use in order to achieve this. It comes in Individually Poly Bag and is of 0 x 0 x 0 cm dimension along with 5 x 0 x 0 inch imprint size that is done so by Embroidery method, ensures clients and prospects will remember you when it comes time to make a purchas

 Fleece Jackets for sale in Kenya    Fleece Jackets for sale in Kenya  Fleece Jackets for sale in Kenya  Fleece Jackets for sale in Kenya  


Picture Speak

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Chest Circumference Measure around the fullest part of your chest with your arms down.
Waist Circumference Measure at your preferred trouser waistband position.
Hip Circumference Measure around the widest part of your natural hipline.
Inside Leg
Measure from the top of your inside leg (at crotch) to your ankle.

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