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Order for Custom made Choir Uniform from a professional Custom Uniform Staff Uniform Supply Company in Kenya.

We  Design Choirs Uniforms in Kenya, Brand Choirs Uniforms in Kenya and Supply the Uniforms to Corporate, Institutions, Chamas and Music Bands

Welcome to our one-stop-shop for Choir Uniform. We supply Choir uniforms for Churches, Colleges, University, Group in various institutions, Music Bands and Choirs. We design various concepts from Shirt/Blouse Trouser/Skirt Set to complex Choir Gowns as per your requirements. We can also customise your uniforms to your unique style.

We can arrange free delivery and collections on sample garments for you and your staff to try or alternatively can arrange a formal meeting to discuss your funeral wear requirements. We can also provide a measuring service to ensure uniforms are a perfect fit. Please be aware we do have minimum orders in place please ask for further details.

How We Work.

  • Choose your color
  • Give us your design concept
  • We Custom make a custom choir uniforms for your team or Group
  • Make your payment
  • Delivery made to your door step.

 We have all the machinery and professional required to give you a professional look for your team or group. Our team will work with you to ensure that you are fully satisfied. We value your feedback and that is why we try our best to ensure that you group is satified with  your Choir Uniforms that we Supply as a company in Kenya and East Africa.


Picture Speak

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Chest Circumference Measure around the fullest part of your chest with your arms down.
Waist Circumference Measure at your preferred trouser waistband position.
Hip Circumference Measure around the widest part of your natural hipline.
Inside Leg
Measure from the top of your inside leg (at crotch) to your ankle.

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